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Supply of meals of “PROJECT-VAROSA-a ray of hope for disable older persons… more than just a meal. This service is the final piece of the puzzle. They are able to care for their other needs and have sufficient help and support through this programme.Project VAROSA is rendering service by providing two time meals to the home bound seniors through mobile VAN. It is also taking care of their other aspects like health, social and psychological needs. The caring volunteers of the Project VAROSA are provide support and encouragement to 25 nos of homebound and disable older persons in Jatni of radious of 10 kms.

The mission of Project VAROSA is to hold the home bound and disable older persons remain in their homes with dignity, for as long as is safely and healthfully possible. VAROSA is trying its best to reduce the chance of premature institutionalization for these people by not only providing healthy daily meals and a friendly social worker contact. The social worker provide case management and ongoing monitoring through visit performed with the elder persons in their residence.

Using resources from PADMASHREE SOCIETY and AID-Portland with the various geriatric social and health organization, the volunteers respond to a wise range of issues. Frequently arrangement for medical care is co-ordinate by doctor’s appointments and the setting up visiting nurse schedule are arranged by the PADMASHREE SOCIETY through volunteers. The social workers of Project VAROSA is also deal with housing issues and case of abuse. Essentially they try to aid a spectrum of needs and concerns through ongoing advocacy and referral as well as serving as intermediaries between older persons and society to continue their needs.In order to meet the mission of Project VAROSA our volunteers are opening their eyes to other needs of the target group.