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COUNSELING CENTER AND HELP LINE FOR distressed persons who are being abused, harassed, neglected, or denied their rights.
HELP LINE NO-CALL-2492740 [0674]
Call: +91-9437107124,9337160036

PADMASHREE SOCIETY is setting a COUNSELING CENTER AND HELP LINE for senior citizens who are being abused, harassed, neglected, or denied their rights at Jatni, District, Khurda. The aim of the project that it is acting as a platform to remove the obstacle to senior citizens in distress and make to live their life in secure.We have a rescue VAN and HELP LINE NUMBERS-06742492740***9437107124***9337160036. When a call come to this number our volunteers immediately rush to the victim and make necessary steps needed. It l works for the social development of senior citizen,Wome and Children in distress.It acts as cell for senior citizens,Women and Children and they can accesses to the source where they will get social, economic, and legal aid.


Volunteers trained in social skills and basic counseling are sent to the senior citizen's women and children’s residence on a fact-finding mission. Thereafter, appropriate assistance is provided to the aggrieved caller. The volunteers counseling by itself was not enough. Other types of additional assistance are often required for an effective and speedy redressed of grievances.

Lawyer's will advice as well as the victim on matters relating to property, will,nomination,transfer,namechangeetc. A group of lawyers will available at regular intervals for consultation to the distressed parent/s. - Assistance has also been provided in successfully bringing to the notice of the High Court the agony suffered by the aggrieved parent/s who have filed cases of harassment, trespass, etc. but had not had a hearing for as long as twentyyears. Legal assistance will also provided in the form of informative articles which find a regular places every month.

It will set up with a view to expediting the solution to legal problems and helping the parties avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation. The forum will consists of retired members of the higher judiciary, civil and police service and a psychiatrist / psychologist / counselor and social worker. The forum meets to study selected cases presented by the volunteers after all possible channels of negotiation have been exhausted by the volunteers & staff. These are usually cases which could have a conclusion and benefit from advice and pressure from an eminent group of persons.

The Police Officers should attended to elder abuse cases on top priority and they may directed by the Government to do so. - Police help to warn the errant "child" to treat the parent better. Police authority is also used to provide emergency assistance and rescue from imminent abuse

A Psychiatrist's / Psychotherapist's/ Counselor’s help is sought for dealing with the psychological problems that are common among the abused parents or in helping the parent cope better with the circumstances. Clinical assessments will make on the basis of which recommendations are given.

PADMASHREE SOCIETY organizing Mobile Medical Unit in remote villages of JATNI BLOCK of Khurda District of Odisha.In every Sundays of a month our medical team with Mobile Van and Ambulance make camps in remote villages where there are no health care facilities. We organizing regular camps at Villages like Budhangar Angarapada, Binjhagiri and Minsing Patna which are Tribal areas and far away from the Hospitals. During the Health Camps we treat the patients of common dieses and conduct small operations. We also treat the students of the local schools. We provide free medicines, conduct free operations and other services free of cost during the Health Camps.This programme is sponsored by District Administration and C.D.M.O of Khurda District of Odisha and District Redcross Society,Khurda,Odisha.